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Karl Wang


distorting the world around. Yes, photography is in effect a distortion of the 3D real world out there as we perceive into a 2D representation of the same as an illusion. My passion for photography was perhaps best witnessed by the equipment that came into my possession. I quickly fell in love with Nikon, first an old F2, then an F3 (not much of effective upgrade) and culminated with a very modest but very useful F6006. The service of all this equipment along with the glory of film photography were smashed in pieces in the dawn of the digital age.


Digital age revolutionized and popularized photography, opening techniques available exclusively to a chosen few pro photographers before to the populace. People with acute artistic sense but not tech savvy can now opt photography as their means of artistic expression with relative ease. For this we chant krichat ura to digital photography. My passion continued into digital photography with some nostalgic sentiment for the analog quality of film images, which is still smoldering somewhere deep in a soft spot.


Notwithstanding my passion, I managed to maintain my day job. I am a cloud and identity security system architect during the day. At night, my fangs growing, horns popping out from the top of my head and eyes beaming green light, I gaze at the Photoshop on a computer screen. Well, no worries, I am kidding, but only about the body parts part though. I indeed gaze at Photoshop on a computer screen.


Photography is not the only past time passion, either. I like classic music and, therefore, fine sound. I am one of those music lovers who constantly quest for better stereo components. Quite incidentally, sound reproduction is another area where analog remains a fine word in the digital age.


KarlourPhoto is my company providing photographic services. I love to work for you and would, more often than not, do so with ardor. Nonetheless, I may not always be available for projects at this point. You are encouraged to contact me first. Thank you for visiting and your attention.

Photography has been a hobby for decades, since the film era. I still remember the excitement when I got my first serious camera, a Fujica STX-1N with a standard 50mm f1.9 Fujinon lens and a Tamron 80-200 mm zoom lens. Ever since then, I have not yet stopped being fascinated with

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